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What are the entry requirements for students? 

We have flexible entry requirements and a two-tier course structure, allowing most motivated students to study at our academy. We can accept students who achieve a grade 1 in their GCSEs, but there's a requirement for them to resit their English and Maths qualifications. 

What opportunities are available for students at Eastwood CFC academy? 

Students aged 16-19 post GCSEs have access to a comprehensive training and education program that combines academic studies with football development. This program offers a pathway for personal and academic growth alongside football training.

What is the student pass rate from last year? 

This the first year of the education academy at Eastwood CFC, but our education partner Future Lions has a great track record. You can find a detailed report of the 2021-22 Programme success rate here

How does the coaching contribute to player development at the academy?

Our coaching team, led by Ricardo Fernandes and Paulo Filipe, implement innovative training methodologies derived from their experience with SL Benfica. These methods are designed to foster and enhance player development.

What is the player development pathway from the academy to 1st Team football?

At Eastwood CFC, we provide a clear pathway for talented and committed players to progress towards our first team, which competes at Step 5 of the English Football Pyramid in the United Counties League Prem North. This pathway is structured to support the transition from academy to men’s football.

Are there opportunities to train or be involved with the first team

Exceptional academy players may have opportunities to train with or be involved in the first team, allowing them to experience the demands and standards of men’s football, providing a valuable learning experience and a potential pathway to future first-team involvement.

What kind of financial support is available for students at the academy?

There are some bursaries to support students financially. Additionally, we guide and assist students in applying for external financial aid options.

Can students receive financial support while studying at the academy?

Yes, students eligible for bursaries will receive financial support to aid them in their studies and training at Eastwood CFC academy.

Is there specific grades my child needs to join the academy?

We can accept students who achieve a grade 1 across their GCSEs.
However, there's a requirement to resit English and Maths qualifications for those who haven't achieved a specified grade in these subjects.

Is there support for students who need to retake English and Maths?

Yes, we provide tailored support and resources to help students successfully retake their English and Maths qualifications, ensuring they receive the necessary assistance to improve and meet the requirements.

What qualifications do the coaches at Eastwood CFC academy hold?

Our coaching staff includes experienced professionals, such as Ricardo Fernandes and Paulo Filipe, who are UEFA qualified and licensed coaches. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our academy.

What benefits do players gain from being coached  UEFA A licensed coaches?

Coaches with UEFA A licenses, like Ricardo Fernandes and Paulo Filipe, bring a high level of expertise and knowledge to our academy. They ensure that players receive top-tier coaching in line with international standards, promoting skill development and tactical understanding.

How does the progression within the academy work towards the first team?

Players displaying exceptional talent and dedication within the academy have the opportunity to advance through various levels within our academy's structure. This progression pathway is designed to facilitate their transition to higher-level teams within the club, including the development squad and ultimately, the first team.

How does the club support the transition of academy graduates into the first team?

Eastwood CFC provides a structured support system and guidance to academy graduates transitioning to the first team. This includes mentorship, tailored training programs, and opportunities for gradual integration into the senior squad, ensuring a smooth progression into men’s football.

How can students apply for bursaries or external financial support?

Our dedicated team provides guidance and support throughout the application process for bursaries and external financial aid. We ensure students have the necessary resources and assistance to apply successfully.

How do I find out more about the bursaries and financial support options available?

Contact our admissions team for comprehensive information on bursaries and the application process. We are committed to assisting students in accessing the financial support they need.

Can students who didn't achieve high grades in their GCSEs still apply?

Absolutely. Our flexible entry requirements mean that motivated students with various GCSE grades, including those who scored lower, can apply. Resitting English and Maths qualifications is required for those who haven't met specific grade criteria.

Are there any additional enrichment programs offered at the academy?

Alongside academic support, we provide various enrichment programs, mentorship opportunities and work experiences to assist students in their overall development, academically and in their football pursuits.

Can you provide more information about coaches Ricardo and Paulo?

Ricardo Fernandes and Paulo Filipe are highly qualified UEFA licensed coaches with extensive experience.
They work closely with SL Benfica, and bring methodologies proven to enhance player development.

What kind of experience do the coaches bring to Eastwood CFC academy?

With their extensive backgrounds in coaching all over the world and experience with a top-tier clubblike SL Benfica, our coaches bring a wealth of knowledge in player development and training methodologies that are beneficial for the growth of young athletes. They also bring fresh perspective and a different influence contributing to an innovative coaching and training environment. 

What role does the development squad play in the academy?

The development squad serves as a crucial link between the academy and the first team. It offers a platform for talented academy graduates to further hone their skills, gain experience in a more competitive environment, and bridge the gap between academy football and the demands of men’s football.

Are scholarships available for students at Eastwood CFC academy?

While scholarships aren't offered, bursaries and comprehensive support are available externally and we are happy to assist students in accessing financial aid opportunities.

Is there specific criteria to qualify for bursaries at Eastwood CFC academy?

Bursaries are available based on specific criteria. Our team will provide detailed information and guidance on eligibility requirements for students seeking financial assistance


If you have any more questions, please get in touch.

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