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About Us

Welcome to the Eastwood CFC Academy!

We are dedicated to providing aspiring footballers with a pathway to excellence. Our academy is designed to revolutionize football development in the East Midlands and beyond. Our program is a fantastic option for Post-16 education for aspiring footballers.

Our Vision

At the Eastwood Community Football Club Academy, our vision is to create an inclusive and supportive environment that empowers student-athletes to reach their full potential, both on and off the field. We are committed to instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and respect while providing the necessary tools and guidance for personal and athletic growth.

Our Misson

Our mission is to deliver world-class football training, top-quality education, and personal development opportunities that foster the growth of well-rounded individuals with the skills and character to succeed in all
areas of life. Through our partnership with SL Benfica, we aim to inspire,challenge, and nurture the next generation of football stars.

SL Benfica

Central to the Academy's success is our esteemed partnership with S.L. Benfica, one of Europe's most iconic football clubs. Benfica, with its rich history and renowned youth development program, has lent its expertise to our Club & Academy. Their highly qualified and experienced coaches will be actively involved in shaping the future stars of Eastwood CFC, ensuring that our players receive the finest football education available.

The partnership with S.L. Benfica brings not only prestige but also a deep reservoir of footballing knowledge and philosophy to the Eastwood CFC Football Academy.
Benfica's coaching methodology is rooted in the belief that the beautiful game should be played with flair, intelligence, and a relentless commitment to excellence.

SL Benfica

This methodology is encapsulated in a few key principles:

• Total Football Development:

Benfica coaches prioritise the holistic development of young players. They understand that it's not just about winning matches but also about nurturing well-rounded athletes who are technically proficient, tactically astute, and mentally resilient.

• Tactical Intelligence:

Understanding the nuances of the game is crucial. Benfica coaches instil a deep understanding of tactics and strategy, teaching players how to read the game, make smart decisions under pressure, and adapt to various playing styles.

• Creativity and Expression:

While structure and discipline are important, Benfica encourages players to express themselves creatively on the field. This allows for the development of unique playing styles and individual flair.

• Technical Mastery:

At the core of Benfica's philosophy is an emphasis on technical skills. Ball control, passing accuracy, dribbling finesse, and shooting precision are honed to perfection. Players are encouraged to be comfortable with the ball at their feet, regardless of their position on the pitch.

• Mental Toughness:

Football is as much a mental game as it is physical. Benfica's coaching philosophy includes mental conditioning to help players stay focused, confident, and resilient in the face of adversity.

• Professionalism and Sportsmanship:

Beyond the skills, Benfica places a strong emphasis on professionalism and sportsmanship. Players are taught to respect the game, their teammates, opponents, and officials.

Benfica's coaching staff brings years of experience, having worked with some of the brightest talents and emerging stars in European football. Their dedication to nurturing young talent is evident in the success stories that have emerged from the Benfica youth ranks. This commitment to excellence is precisely what they will bring to the Eastwood CFC Football Academy. Through the guidance of Benfica's coaches, our Academy members will not only become technically and tactically proficient but will also embody the values and spirit of the beautiful game.

Together, we aim to create a footballing culture that celebrates skill, creativity, and teamwork – qualities that will propel our players to success, both on and off the pitch.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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